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How it works?

Webhook: A WebHook is an HTTP callback: an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens; a simple event-notification via HTTP POST. A web application implementing WebHooks will POST a message to a URL when certain things happen. When a web application enables users to register their own URLs, the users can then extend, customize, and integrate that application with their own custom extensions or even with other applications around the web. For the user, WebHooks are a way to receive valuable information when it happens.

Activate Webhook: You can change your  WebHooks from the Communifyi nterface, in the section webhook in the view details.

When I'll get the data: The webhook in plugins allows each time there is a submit data in the form defined in the URL that has entered the backoffice passing the POST data is sent in real time. 

Main data:

$_POST['user_name'] --> Nombre

$_POST['user_surname'] --> Apellidos

$_POST['user_email'] --> Email

$_POST['country_name'] --> País de origen

$_POST['device'] --> Tipo de dispositivo

$_POST['date'] --> Fecha

we can have more fields in the form, we receive each POST fields with the name you have assigned the key of the input form.

If you have any doubt, contact us at support@communify.com