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Manage sites

First step: Create categories

  1. You will need al least one category created before you start adding new sites to your Communify account. Go to categories section (under Sites menú) and Add a new Category.

How to add a new site

  1. Go to the site menú, and select Add new.
  2. Fill in the information related with the site (Title, URL, Category, Image, Type, Description, Platform, language and number of visits)

Publish a specific plugin in a site

  1. Once you have added all the sites URLs you will be working with, the next step is to publish the first plugins in these sites.
  2. Edit the plugin you wish to show.
  3. Enter the Publish block 
  4. Select Publishers instead of location in the Url's section.
  5. Choose the site or sites where to publish the content

Schedule plugin publications

  1. Click on Set a specific publish date in order to program when you want the plugin to appear.
  2. You can schedule plugins by day and hour.

Country segmentation

  1. Admit or deny countries from the list in order to select where you want or don't want to show your content.

Device segmentation

  1. Check the devices that will show your content. You can combine Mobile, Tablet and PC as you wish.

Testing priority

  1. Limit the amount of impressions of your content and prioritize A/B tests. If you want the plugin to be displayed uninterrupted, you can set the impressions value to -1.