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Conversation plugin

The Conversation plugin is designed to create a social network or forum into any website. With a complete social functionality (register, follow, comment, vote, upload content...) and a moderation tool.


  1. Plugin details: Create a title and a description for your plugin. You can choose a team member to manage the content as well.

  2. Details: Manage the plugin details and plugin behavior: Configure general plugin behavior. You can align plugin right or left. Set values to your content. Enable and disable notifications and custom webhook integrations.

  3. Content: Use the box to set the general page configuration Tittle, description and background image.

  4. Banner: Select your plugin behavior, between floating and embedded banner or activate your plugin from any element. It's possible to show plugin content by clicking on any element of your website. Desktop: Select the image to display on desktop screens. Mobile: Select an image to display in mobile or fill in the native format form. HTML allows you to place here your custom content and styles.

  5. Publish: Countries: Control whether this plugin can be seen on the selected countries. Devices: Control whether this plugin can be seen on the selected devices. Visibility: Control whether this plugin can be seen on the selected urls and select a specific publish date. Url's: Write the urls where you want to display this plugin or select the pre-configured site from Publishers.

  6. Stats: Choose the period of time you want to analyze, the source, device and CTA id. Access total impressions, clicks, CTR, Hide pill (when using floating banner) CTA and number of leads.

  7. Leads: Choose the period of time you want to analyze and the device. You can access all the information the leads filled in the form.