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A smart layer in your web

Boost your conversions with no hassle

Communify is a radically new way to increase visitor engagement and boost your website conversion rates.

More leads

Add dynamic forms in any page with no technical skills, monitor its performance and easily optimize them

More conversions

Create smart sections of promoted and/or featured products according to user behaviour without altering your eCommerce layout

More traffic

The Communify plugins are easily embeddable in any website so you can easily create your own affiliate media network

A smart layer. Endless possibilities


The Communify plugins system allows you to add smart content layers in any page of your website without technicall skills or devops needed and without altering your site layout

  • Generate leads. Turn visitors into qualified leads with enriched forms
  • Add videos without sacrificing a single pixel
  • Increase your mobile App downloads
  • Engage users with conversations anywhere
  • Embed image galleries within your contents
  • Use advanced analytics for A/B content testing
See a smart layer appear

"Thanks to Communify we can now create new content on our websites quickly, without complex developments and measuring the effectiveness. No doubt it has been a revolution in the optimization of our sites conversion rates."

Nic Olive, CEO, Please

A single line of code that changes all

Dynamic forms

Add multiple lead acquisition forms in any part of your website and easily boost your lead-through rate

Embedded video

Create and optimize new sections with corporate videos, tutorials, etc... in any page without altering your website design and layout

Featured products

Create featured products sections in your eCommerce and radically improve your sales conversion rates

Shopping cart recovery

Reduce left products in your eCommerce shopping cart with a smart plugin that appears just when needed

Flash sales

Communify lets you create flash sales sections in your pages that appear according to user behaviour

Smart product search

Improve your users experience and boost your product searches with a special search plugin embedded anywhere in your website